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  • Add information and practices for starting a club, joining the network, hosting an event (a few sources are listed under Resources). Perhaps divide the page into 2 parts: an introduction with call to action(s), and an expanded section for deeper reading/FAQ things.
  • Consider chapters 3 and 4 of Do It Yourself: A Handbook For Changing Our World as an introductory topic for a club. Discuss how the club operates, how the club fits into the network, how to use consensus decision making or deliberative democracy to deal with governance issues.
  • Add a list of broad topics that can be used to generate ideas about how the needs in your community connect with national and global issues1:
    • Climate Change, Energy, and Pollution
    • Poverty and Sustainable Economic Development
    • Health
    • War & Violence (War and Conflict)
    • Immigration
    • Race and Ethnicity
    • Gender and Sexuality
    • Faith
    • Internet access, online privacy and security, and freedom of information
  • Consider adding a checklist for organising an event, similar to
  • Consider adding practices for handling divisive topics online, e.g. how online debate sites operate, Tactical Tech guide, Coral Project if it has published guides.

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